Monday, May 3, 2010

Unexpected Uses of the Flowering Herb: Lavender

Used for centuries by numerous cultures: Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval Arabs and Europeans, and throughout India; Lavender has been enjoyed for its distinctive and beautiful aroma and color.
Today, most consumers are aware of the uses of lavender as an ingredient to perfumes, lotions, and potpourri to promote relaxation. But the great historical uses of this gracious herb are much more medicinal and all-encompassing for health.

Lavender: Antiseptic and Antibacterial
Dioscordes, an Ancient Greek physician wrote in his De Materia Medica that externally, lavender [essential oil] could be used to clean wounds and burns or treat skin ailments, as an antiseptic and antibacterial ointment. Most herbalists would encourage you to get professional direction before applying any essential oil to the skin, however.

Lavender Heals Acne
Lavender can be used to treat Acne and to prevent Acne scarring. It both kills germs and enables new skin cells to grow, giving Acne a double punch. I occasionally use lavender essential oil as a spot treatment on blemishes, after I wash and apply moisturizer to my face.

Lavender: Healthy Alternative to Sleep Medicines
In a scientific study at the University of Leicester in England lavender essential oil was proven as effective in promoting sound sleep as traditional medication; without all the dangerous and addictive side-effects, I might add.

Before going to bed try dabbing lavender essential oil on your wrists and neck just as you would apply perfume, breath in and relax into a delightful sleep!

Enjoy! Green Keen aka Pamela Palmer