Friday, May 8, 2009

Alba Hawaiian Skin Care Line | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Alba Hawaiian Skin Care Line gets high marks as a Natural Cleaning Product Line, see Herbtraders on my sidebar. Drawing upon skin-helping ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands such as pineapple, papaya, and coconut, it is a natural cleaning experience that will enthrall you with Pacific scents.

A Complete All-Natural Skin Care Line with Natural Cleaning Ingredients

The Alba Company states on their website that “Our products are created to both delight your senses and to provide the benefits claimed. We use science-based nutrients, which means that the herbal botanicals and other ingredients we use are proven to be effective.”

Added to this natural cosmetic line are natural cleansers using coconut milk and pineapple enzymes for proven deep cleansing and exfoliation. Also, Alba adds a Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask and a Hibiscus Facial Toner to complete your facial natural cleansing.

One of My Favorite Natural Moisturizers

To moisturize without oil, great for young, acne-prone skin, they have their Hawaiian Aloe and Green Tea Oil-free Moisturizer. This product works great; I’ve reviewed it before in my Best Natural Skin Care Blog Post.

This natural moisturizer, with great all natural ingredients contains “certified organic aloe vera, green tea antioxidants and oil-free humectants absorb instantly to replenish essential nutrients and protect skin.”

$16.95 for a 3 ounce jar.

Alba’s Standards in Manufacturing

• Hypo-allergenic
• Oil-free
• pH balanced
• 100% vegetarian ingredients and no animal testing

About Alba the Company and the Environment

Alba appears to be very committed to protecting the environment with their business practices. Here’s a sampling of their eco friendly action:

* Office and Warehouse are 100% Solar Powered.

* Comprehensive Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Policy and Practices.

* Recycle Printer Cartridges, Bottles and Cans. Proceeds Donated to Non-Profits.

* Purchase and Use Recycled Office Paper with minimum 35% Post-Consumer Content.

* Organic Acres Farmed Increased as a Result of Our Organic Ingredient Choices.

* Use New Leaf (Recycled) Paper for Our Printed Promotional Materials.

* Products are EU Safe Cosmetics Directive Compliant. More than 1,300 commonly used ingredients are banned in the European Union because they are known or suspected of causing cancer, birth defects or fertility problems. We don't use any of them.

My Take on Using Alba’s Hawaiian Natural Cosmetic Line:
I highly approve of this line. Although I have not used every single product in this line, I have reviewed most of their ingredients and find them to be very healthy and non-toxic.

I really like the company’s involvement in the environment too, but especially, I love the efficacy and aromas of these natural cleaning products!

Double Thumbs Up! For Alba’s Hawaiian Natural Skin Care Cosmetic Line with Natural Cleansers.


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