Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Salt | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Common Table Salt: A Cheap Clean!

I recently changed over to using only Sea Salt in my food prep. What do I do with all my old table salt? Use it to clean!!
Cleaning Uses
Salt has been used for thousands of years for cleaning and sanitizing. Although not a complete disinfectant, salt used in conjunction with soap or vinegar or lemon will kill most germs.

Salt is a safe, natural cleaning product easily combinable with other soaps and cleaners to sanitize. Sprinkle salt in your toilet bowl, squirt some Dr. Bronner's Lavender soap, scrub and flush--for a quick clean method.

I still remember helping my mom scour copper-bottom pots with a sprinkling of salt and vinegar to make them shine like new.

Safe for Environment

Common Table Salt is a naturally-occurring crystallized mineral (sodium chloride or NaC1) that scours surfaces when used dry or semi-dry as a scrub. It quickly dissolves in water and is safe for the environment when used in typical household amounts.


Refined Table salt costs around a dollar for a small container. Pure Sea Salt is almost twice as much. Still for a quick, natural cleaner/scrub it is a great choice.

My Take on Salt as a Household Cleaner? Thumbs Up!

Have a Great Natural Cleaning Day! --Pamela Palmer aka "Green Keen"

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