Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vodka Natural Disinfectant -- Natural Cleaning Product Review

Vodka, age-old Russian distilled spirits, which will burn your throat and warm your insides was first cultivated as medicine, and was used as one of the earliest disinfectants and antiseptics. Currently, crafted from a variety of grains and often aged in oaken barrels, centuries ago it was nicknamed "aquae vitae" or the water of life.

A Russian Treasure
Vodka, usually 37% alcohol, a longstanding, revered tradition in Russian culture and history, is more expensive than common chemical disinfectants, such as bleach, but it is completely biodegradable and quickly evaporates; and of course, it is edible/drinkable! Although I don't recommend drinking too much of it while you are cleaning or you may never finish your chores!

Cutting Boards, Counters and Cook-tops
For small jobs (such as a cutting board or counter) first wash with an all natural soap, rinse, then wipe down with vodka. This powerful combination acts as a totally natural disinfectant.

I first became aware of the handiness of having a large bottle of vodka around after enjoying a night at a Hibachi bar, where the chefs clean the grill-tops in between customers with a douse of vodka and a squeeze of fresh lemon .

This combo works great for range cook-tops, in particular. It really cuts through the grease! And I love the uplifting aroma of lemon!

It certainly makes for an enjoyable clean-up from a meal!

:) Take Care, GreenKeen aka Pamela Palmer

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