Monday, March 22, 2010

Green Cleaning for those who Hate Cleaning | Natural Cleaning Product Reviews

Do you hate cleaning? I have a confession -- a big one for someone who is a Green Cleaning blogger -- I hate cleaning! Naturally speaking, I am not the most gifted homemaker! By personality and temperment I'd much rather be discussing politics or philosophy or poetry than cleaning my bathroom...AGAIN!

A Cleaning Hater Speaks
Green Cleaning has greatly improved my housecleaning experience and interest. All the toxic fumes and strong smells of regular cleaners are a big detriment in regular housecleaning. I now use green and natural cleaning supplies 99% of the time, as thus, chemical fumes or dangerous substances aren't any concern.

Instead, I enjoy the pleasant effect of natural aromas. I prefer scoping out brands that use real essential oils in their products. I really notice the difference.

Essential Oils Enhance Mood
As a naturally-born cleaning-hater, I hated the gaging sensation of using bleach or ammonia-based products. Now I integrate essential oils into my household and have LOVED using them. I have discovered that citrus (lemon, grapefruit, and orange) boost my mood and are cheering.

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Having two teens and their sundry friends running in and out of the house or crashing overnight can mess-up the cleanest of homes! If I don't feel like cleaning on a particular day, cleaning with a lemon-scented cleaner from real lemon essential oil REALLY does improve my motivation.

Homemaking Tips I Have Learn Over the Years
One of the top Homemaking tips I have benefited from in my house cleaning is to break-up chores into "bite-sized" jobs -- 10-15 minutes at tops. This can be a major motivator to me. I can do anything for just 10 minutes! Afterwards, seeing that particular job can motive me to do the next one.

Splitting up chores into small jobs is also great for busy seasons of life, such as the juggling-small-babies- and-toddlers season or the working-soccer-mom season. Often I only had 10 minutes to refreshen the bathroom. Doing mini-chores one or two a day will get your house clean eventually!

Professional Green Cleaning Lessons
My daughter who is in college has her own Green Cleaning business. I regularly "work" for her and have learned a lot from her. Cleaning professionally has changed my perspective on my own homemaking and housecleaning technique.

One main lesson I have learned is to clean quickly and methodically. Clean top to bottom, right to left. Another lesson is to use just a few favorite supplies. Choose ones that work for the job you are doing. Also, using products that have multiple uses, for instance (an all-purpose cleaner that also disinfects) can save time.

Growing up I was THE most-undomesticated person. Today, I'm still in the process of growing and learning, but I am now a "green" cleaner, who throroughly enjoys the aroma and the satisfaction of a naturally clean home. Plus, I know I am choosing the best for the health of my family.

Take Care and Enjoy Green Cleaning!  Green Keen aka Pamela Palmer : )


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