Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Speed Cleaning in the Natural Cleaning Way

Natural Cleaning is Simple and Pure

My mantra as a busy mom is to keep housecleaning simple, quick and easy. After an epiphany a few years ago, I now also keep it pure as possible! Hence why I am now "Green Keen". Natural cleaning should also be easy as possible, not a big burden on our shoulder's.

I wanted to share a few very important tips that have helped me immensely through the years to clean quickly and in the midst of the busyness of raising high-energy kids, homeschooling, working, gardening, driving kids to soccer, or piano practice...the list goes on and on!

Number One Tip: Declutter your rooms. Less knick-knacks, less you need to clean around. Keep enough to show your style and personality and no more.

Quick Cleaning Tips that Work

1. Keep a supply basket/bucket with a handle under your sink or in a closet. One for each bathroom/one in the kitchen.

Supplies Include:
No more than 2-3 bottles of natural cleaners that you like.
1 or a combination of 2 that disinfect.
1 that can function as a glass cleaner.
1 that can function as a mild abrasive.
A scrubby sponge and 2 wash cloths (1 dry/1wet)
rubber gloves
duster with handle

2. Keep a few recycled plastic bags in bottom of trashcans under the installed bag for easy replacing after emptying the trash.

3. Do "quick cleans" in the midst of life. Then one comprehensive clean once a week or every other week. For example: Often after I go to the bathroom, I will wipe down the sink, faucets and scrub the toilet--and then, wash my hands.

4. Wash part of the kitchen each day after the dinner dishes. For example: One night wipe section of cabinets, the next night do the counters, behind and under everything, etc.

5. Wash a 1/2 shelf a day in the refrigerator.

6. Every few days scrub the shower/tub before you take a shower--then let all your worries wash down the drain!

7. Keep a broom (and if possible a vacuum) on each level of your home. Fast and easy to grab!

8. Clean top to bottom, right to left--around a room. It will become automatic and faster.

Have a great day--green cleaning in a quick and easy way! --Green Keen aka Pamela Palmer
P.S. Train your kids and spouse to do chores! I'll write about that soon...


  1. Wow those are some neat tips! Will definitely start following some myself. So far I can proudly say there is not one cleaning product in my house that isn't natural. It took me a long time to find the right ones but my efforts were compensated with Citra Solv, a family of natural cleaners, one for any challenge you can possibly encounter in your house. The Earth is safer, my house is clean and my family protected, I couldn't ask for more.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement! And yes, I love Citra Solv products. I have a bottle of their Citra Dish on my counter as we "speak". I have written reviews on a couple of their products here. I like the Lavender-Bergamot scent. Take Care, --"Green Keen"

  3. These tips are really helpful and thanks for sharing with us. I always used the natural cleaning techniques. Because they are really safe and works very well. Many natural cleaning products are available in markets with sustainable packaging.

    Best Regards,

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, I see green cleaning products being developed with less or recycled packaging and I think that is a great direction. Send me a link to any of your products that are sustainable and I'll give your company a shout-out.