Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Clean in Three Simple Steps | Natural Cleaning Product Reviews

Let's take a moment and celebrate that Spring has finally sprung! After such a long, snowy Winter, the warm Sun, fresh air and graceful flowers welcome us to the outside again...

Spring Cleaning: Three Simple Steps

  1. Open all your windows on the first warm day. Fresh air is a great cleanser of our environments.  Of course, waiting until after the deluge of pollen would be helpful. Wait until there is a warm, sunny day shortly after a rain. The rain washes most of the pollen temporarily out of the air.
  2. Utilize the sun for disinfecting. We tend to forget that the sun is a disinfecting agent. White or light colored linens, towels and clothing can be washed and hung in the sun for a good cleansening. Spring is a great time to disinfect all your bedding. Check out how here. Afraid of fading? Turn your clothing item inside-out and hang during the afternoon.
  3. After airing the house out and washing the linens, do a deep dusting. In ancient Roman times, Spring Cleaning meant handwashing every wall, floor, and ceiling. A deep dusting today would include regular dusting and vaccuming, as well as, vaccuming the walls and/or ceiling corners with your upolstery attachment.
Spring in the temperate zones of the world has always been a time celebrating new life and nature as we venture back out into our backyards and patios to relish the warmth, breathe in the fragrance of flowers and watch fireflies with our families.

Enjoy Green Spring Cleaning from Green Keen aka Pamela Palmer


  1. fantastic idea you have given thanks for this, After applying this we really celebrate that Spring.

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