Thursday, April 8, 2010

Where to Buy and How to Disinfect Eco Friendly Kitchen Sponges | Natural Cleaning Product Reviews

TWIST a wonderful manufacturer of eco friendly kitchen sponges wrote the following about their passion, history and purpose:  "....Not too long ago, TWIST took a closer look at the sponges in our kitchen and realized something profound. Almost every other product in the cleaning aisle has undergone some kind of evolution, while sponges have been the same for decades.    TWIST set out to turn the world of cleaning products on its head combining design and environmental responsibility to create functional, beautiful, and responsible alternatives." 

You can find a variety of TWIST's sponges and cleaning cloths for at on oursidebar:

Also, here's a great article on disinfecting your sponges from the 7th Gen Newsletter:

Sponging Up a Kitchen Hot Spot | Seventh Generation

Happy Green Cleaning with Natural, Eco friendly sponges!  Green Keen aka Pamela Palmer

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