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50 Ways to Use Essential Oils Around Your Home In Cleaning and Cosmetic Care -- Part Two | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Note from Pam: Experimenting with EO's is fun and creative. Find your own "favorite" aromas. Find aromas that your family loves; everyone is responds uniquely to different scents. Start with buying one or two; explore their uses and build up a collection. I try to think of essential oils as all natural cleaning product accessories, part of my arsenal against grime and yukky smells AND as therapeutic substitutes for aerosol sprays. (see sidebar to the right) has a wonderful, comprehensive supply of essential oils.

Excerpt from "50 Ways to Use Essential Oils for a Cleaner,
Sweet-smelling Life" Part Two:

13. Household odors? Put a few drops of your favorite EO on a cotton ball and place in your vacuum cleaner bag. Lemon and Pine are nice; Rose Geranium helps with doggy odor.

14. To fragrance your kitchen cabinets and drawers, place a food scent EO dabbed on a cotton ball in an inconspicuous corner.

15. Are mice a problem? Place several drops of Peppermint oil on cotton balls and place them in problem locations.

16. Scent the bathroom by placing oil-scented cotton balls in inconspicuous places or sprinkle oils directly onto silk or dried flower arrangements or wreaths.

17. To promote healing, apply 1 or 2 drops true Lavender oil and Tea Tree oil directly to cuts, scrapes or scratches.

18. Homemade soaps are pleasant and offer therapeutic effects when scented with EOs. Use Spirit Soaps that contain pure aromatics.

19. Home-made sachets are more fragrant when EOs is blended with the flowers and herbs.

20. Scent an entire room, set a calming or uplifting mood. Use a drop of EO on a radiator, scent ring, or light bulb. Do not put EO in the socket.

21. For “scent-ual” hand washables, use a few drops of your favorite EO or blend in the final rinse water.

22. Anise oil has been used by anglers for years to cover up the human scent that scares the fish away. Use a drop or two on the fingertips and hands before baiting up.

23. Create your own personal essence! EOs and blends make wonderful perfumes. Add 25 drops to 1 oz. perfume alcohol. Let age two weeks before using.

24. To dispel mosquitoes and other picnic or Bar-B-Q pests, drop a few drops of Citronella OR Eucalyptus citriodora oil in the melted wax of a candle or place a few drops on the Bar-B-Q’s hot coals.

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Note from Pam: This post is 2 of 4 posts in a series on Essential Oils for natural cleaning and cosmetic care around your house. Explore EOs in your green cleaning!
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  1. I clean with water, vinegar, lemon, peppermint, and tea tree. Lemon helps get rid of the nasty dirt, peppermint kills bacteria and smells fresh, and tea tree kills mold. I also sometimes add cinnamon to help kill some types of viruses.