Friday, April 10, 2009

Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid Simply Tangerine | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid, Simply Tangerine scent, made by Clorox is a green cleaning dishwashing detergent, whose ingredients are from renewable resources, biodegradable, and free of petrochemicals. It comes in Water lily, Free and Clear, Simply Lemon scents, as well.

The plant and mineral-based ingredients in Green Works Natural Dishwashing Soap include coconut-based surfactants and corn-based ethanol. In fact, the label states that this green dishwashing soap is 99% natural. The other 1% is a petrochemical, but that is a pretty good percentage, when trying to minimize your family’s exposure to petrochemicals!

What Does Natural Mean?

Currently, there is no industry standard definition for natural cleaners, but the Clorox Company chose to raise a high standard in developing a green cleaning line of products. They developed the Green Works line of natural products starting over 5 years ago–“to set the standard for natural cleaning and create products that clean with the power you expect from Clorox” as stated on their website. They further state that they are fully committed to continuing to develop natural products that continue to set the standard for natural.

Rather than scoff at this stated goal from a worldwide producer of chlorine bleach, I applaud any company’s attempt to change and develop into producing more eco-friendly products—it is moving forward for the industry!

When The Clorox Company launched the Green Works line of natural cleaning products in January 2008, they had a goal to take natural cleaning mainstream, making it more affordable without compromising cleaning performance. They state on their website, that Green Works is now the #1 brand in natural cleaning.

3.32 to 3.64 in retail stores or online.

Filtered water
Coconut-based cleaning agents*
Corn-based ethanol
Biodegradable preservative
Citric acid
Fragrance with Essential oils (which usually means synthetic fragrance and a small amount of a natural essential oil)
Orange colorant (most likely synthetic)

Contains no phosphorus
Contains no bleach

*Anionic and nonionic surfactants (alkyl polyglucoside, sodium lauryl sulfate and cocodimethyl amine oxide) which have a low toxicity rating from the Skin Deep Database of the Environmental Working Group. These cleaning agents are biodegradable, yet they are skin irritants if used in higher doses, especially sodium lauryl sulfate. There has been some scientific tests linking sodium lauryl sulfate to cancer and major medical conditions, but the EPA allows it in many household products, because of the minute amounts used and the short contact-time on skin.

(I would think that this is an ingredient to try to avoid, so if I find a dishwashing liquid that doesn’t have it, I’ll let you know!)

My Take on Using Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid, Simply Tangerine
I found this green dishwashing liquid soap to be very effective. The scent is a very light tangerine—I would have liked it to be stronger and more natural smelling! Citrus is naturally such a strong and wonderful aroma, why make it synthetically?? I think companies should cut cost some other way!!

The main thing is that this product works well cleaning dirty dishes and is 99% Natural, using biodegradable, renewable-resource ingredients. An added plus is that this natural cleaning product has not been tested on animals. The bottle is completely recyclable and is made from 25% post consumer recycled packaging.

Thumbs Up!
To Clorox for moving towards “going green” with natural cleaning products, also for putting out a natural cleaner for dishwashing that is low in toxicity, is biodegradable, and is 99% natural.

Green Works Natural Dishwashing Liquid is a natural cleaning, green cleaner with an orange-tangerine scent!

Happy Green Cleaning, Green Keen a.k.a. Pamela Palmer


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