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Arm & Hammer Essentials Multi-Surface Refillable Cleaner | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Side Note from Pam: I saw Disney's "Earth" last night with my teens and a friend of theirs--we all loved it!! Very moving. Incredible Photography. Scenes from our beautiful world that I had never seen. Definitely a must for the "big screen experience". Plus, if you go before the end of the weekend, in honor of Earth Day, they will plant a tree for each movie ticket bought.

Arm & Hammer,
the brand name of the natural cleaning product and friend of homemaking consumers everywhere, the humble baking soda, has created a line of 3 color-coded cleaners recently released, called "Essentials". One of which is their green-colored, Multi-purpose Cleaner.

Essentials cleaners are sold in packs of 2 concentrated, small bottles for approximately 4.00 each and are equal to 2 regular-sized cleaner spray bottles. This green cleaning system saves on storage, transportation costs, and plastic--reducing their plastic packaging use by 93% according to Arm & Hammer.

This is a brilliant, eco friendly manufacturing and distribution plan, that I personally think every company in manufacturing needs to adopt. Why pay extra for water in cleaners, when you can fill up the reusable bottle included in this set from your tap?

Plus, according to their website: "you’ll save money every time you refill your ARM & HAMMER® Essentials™ Cleaners bottle — up to 25% compared to buying traditional cleaners".

Speaking of Earth Day...
Arm & Hammer, around since before the American Civil War, has a long history of recycling and working towards eco-friendly business practices. They state on their website that they have been using recycled cardboard containers since 1907! They also were the producers of the first phosphate-free detergent and the first corporate sponsors of Earth Day, both in 1970. They have a long-standing reputation as a natural cleaning product manufacturer.

Ingredients and Controversy
Arm & Hammer, owned by Church and Dwight Co., Inc. is currently being sued in the State of New York for not listing their ingredients transparently on labels. This is a very pervasive practice in the United States--total lack of listing or partial listing of ingredients.

According to Earthjustice, the non-profit, legal, environmental Watchdog suing them: "independent studies into chemicals contained in cleaning products continue to find health effects ranging from nerve damage to hormone disruption. But ingredient disclosure requirements are virtually non-existent in the United States." This litigation could have a nationwide effect.

For Arm & Hammer's Essentials Multi-Surface Cleaner the ingredients are COMPLETELY in the DARK listed on the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) as "proprietary" i.e. a "secret, trade marked formula". use their product, you have to completely trust them on its safety.

Playing Detective?
The clues to the ingredients are simply this: contains "powerful plant-based cleaners derived from coconuts and palm kernel oil and other biodegradable eco-sensible cleaners".

The term "eco-sensible" is a new one to me....Sorry, Arm & Hammer, but WHAT does that mean? Eco-sensible defined by whom?

Effective Cleaner for counters, appliances, sinks, kitchen & bathroom tile, glass, and other surfaces.
Biodegradable, plant-based
No ammonia or phosphates.
Pleasant, mild aroma (much better than the Arm & Hammer Essentials Degreaser)
Great economical, environmentally-friendly packaging system
Easy-to-use and refill.

Insults our intelligence by withholding ingredient content. I want more information to protect myself and my family from possible toxic chemicals. Don't You?

Thumbs Up
For providing a biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner that smells great and works well.
Thumbs Down
For not informing the consumer clearly as to what is in their product!

Arm & Hammer Essentials Multi-Surface Cleaner has a refillable bottle system and hopefully we can trust their integrity as a long-standing, environmentally-conscious company that this Multi-Surface cleaner is a green cleaner in reality and not in color only.

Enjoy using natural cleaning products all around your home! Green Keen aka Pamela Palmer

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