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50 Ways to Use Essential Oils Around Your Home In Cleaning and Cosmetic Care -- Part Four | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Note from Pam: HAPPY EARTH DAY! I am looking forward to seeing the Disney movie "Earth" that comes out today.

Disney is planting a tree for everyone who goes to see the film opening weekend.

Due to advance tickets sales, the company has already committed to planting 500,000 trees. The company plans to plant the trees in "critical areas of biodiversity," including Brazil's Atlantic rain forest, which, according to Disney, is one of the most endangered in the world, having been deforested 93%. Disney is committed to ensuring the trees are planted and cared for to provide the greatest long term benefit for the planet.

And we in the blogosphere will be watching to make sure they actually follow through!! So take your family to Disney's "Earth" and enjoy! This is a great way to inspire yourself and kids on "Earth Day" to practice living green in everyday life!

We all need "vision" for why we do things--Disney's "Earth" is a vision-builder for "going green".

Excerpt from "50 Ways to Use Essential Oils for a Cleaner,
Sweet-smelling Life"
Part Four:

37. Make your own copper polish. Add 1 drop of Lemon EO to a soft cloth and gently buff.

38. When washing out the fridge, freezer or oven, add 1 drop of Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Mandarin or Orange EO to the final rinse water.

39. For burns or scalds, drop Tea Tree oil directly onto the affected area.

40. To aid digestion and relieve an upset stomach - place 1 drop of Peppermint oil in 1/2 glass of water and slowly sip.

41. To relieve teething pain in children, use 1-drop Chamomile oil on a washcloth wrapped ice cube.

42. To cool the body in summer and protect it in the winter, add 6-8 drops of Eucalyptus oil in the bath

43. To bring out a radiant glow in your skin, add 1 drop Geranium oil to your facial moisturizer.

44. For thicker hair, or to promote growth, place 1 or 2 drops of Rosemary on your hair brush before brushing.

45. When flu is going around add a few drops of Thyme to your diffuser or simmer in a pan on the stove.

46. To bring fever down, sponge the body with cool water to which 1 drop each Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lavender oils have been added.

47. Create a better work environment. Lavender creates a calm, tranquil atmosphere while Grapefruit stimulates the senses and clears up stale air.

48. Alleviate anxiety and depression. Blend Geranium, Lavender & Bergamot, and use in a diffuser or add 6-8 drops of this blend to the bath.

49. A wonderful massage blend for babies is one drop Roman Chamomile, 1 drop Lavender, 1 drop Geranium diluted in 2 Tablespoons Sweet Almond Oil.

50. Headaches? Rub the back of the neck with 1-drop Peppermint oil diluted in 1-teaspoon vegetable oil.

51. Perfume! Make a blend of 20 drops Neroli + 10 drops Lemon + 5 drops of Patchouli. Umm, yum. Age for 2 weeks; add an equal amount of high-proof alcohol. Age again and use.

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Note from Pam: This is Post 4 of 4 in a series on Essential Oils for natural cleaning and cosmetic care around your house. Explore EOs in your green cleaning!

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