Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eco Carpet Cleaning – Go Green and Reap the Rewards | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Note from Pam:

Carpet cleaning is a job we often contract out to others, so sometimes we might forget that the cleaning products they use affect our family's health, as much as, our own regular cleaning.

The best thing to do when hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company--ask a lot of questions, find a company that openly and clearly uses green cleaning products that you know are safe.

Then enjoy the benefit of a clean carpet cleaned with natural cleaning products that are breathable and refreshing. Also, enjoy your green clean carpet, that you didn't have to clean yourself!

Author: Bob Robertson

In recent years many Carpet Cleaning businesses have been pursuing green methods of cleaning to avoid using dangerous and polluting chemicals in the industry in favour of more natural solutions.

Years ago, it was said that carpet cleaning chemicals got into the air of a room when applied during cleaning, and could also be ingested by kids who played on the floor soon afterwards. Besides such health hazards, carpet cleaning chemicals could pollute local groundwater if disposed of improperly (such as directly down your drain). Also, waste water from carpet cleaning required treatment and/or filtration in order to neutralize contaminants.

The local carpet cleaning businesses that have greened up their processes are now reaping the rewards as environmentally aware consumers take advantage of a more responsible approach to cleaning their carpets and upholstery.

The health benefits come without additional cost and indeed considerable savings can be made from using such methods. Nowadays more and more people are well aware of the long-term health effects of toxic chemicals in cleaning products and appreciate the benefits of using companies that use products that are safe, more effective and better for the environment.

An Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning service involves using products which are free of detergents, free of toxic chemicals and free of harmful solvents. These products are completely safe to children and pets, are water based and do not contain solvents, bleaches, enzymes or phosphates. These new natural products promote good health, sustain the environment and at the same time remain highly effective and produce superb results.

What motivates the local business to be green? Is there a genuine concern for the planet and its occupants or is it just good for business? Probably a bit of both….

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About the Author: Bob Robertson is an Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning Professional based in Scotland. He is a member of the National Carpet Cleaning Association and Glasgow's first LTT Leather Technician. Visit his website at for more cleaning tips.


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