Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner, Original Scent | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Green Works Natural All-purpose cleaner from Clorox is a great natural cleaning product and comes in Original Scent and Simply Tangerine. This was the first natural cleaner manufactured by the Clorox Company, launched just over a year ago, as they state on their website: "When we created Green Works natural cleaners, we defined natural using three core principles. The ingredients must come from renewable resources, be biodegradable and free of petrochemicals."

As the makers of the ubiquitous bleach synonymous with the Clorox name, this has been met with a variety of reactions, some cynicism and suspicion and others as welcomed progress.

Clorox is Green?

The Clorox Company, in business since 1913, is the manufacturer of half the world's chlorine bleach, as well as, other well-known product brands such as Formula 409, Liquid-Plumr, Lestoil, Kingsford Charcoal, Glad Bags, STP, Armor All.

When The Clorox Company launched the Green Works line of natural cleaning products in January 2008, they had a goal to take natural cleaning mainstream, making it more affordable without compromising cleaning performance. They state on their website that Green Works is now the #1 brand in natural cleaning.

Green Works All-Purpose Cleaner -- 99% Natural

The plant and mineral-based ingredients in Green Works cleaners are renewable, sustainable, and biodegradable helping to minimize the impact on the environment.

· Green Works bottles are 100 percent recyclable.
· More than 90 percent of our U.S. product cartons are recycled.
· Not tested on animals.
· Does not contain bleach or phosphorus.

These are all good reasons to use this natural cleaning product. Clorox is making steps in the right direction and should be applauded. (Green and eco-friendly is the wave of the future!) Also, they openly list their ingredients, which should qualify for an encore! compared to other cleaning manufacturers who have refused to devulge them.

Filtered water, coconut-based cleaner, glycerine, ethanol (an alcohol), fragrance with essential oil (meaning not just essential oils!), biodegradable preservative, blue and yellow colorant (meaning chemicals to dye it!)

Very economically for a manufactured green cleaner, priced from $2.99 to 3.39/ 1 fluid quart.

My Natural Cleaning Experience Using Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner
I used the Original Scent in my kitchen and found that it works well and smells great; a lemony aroma, even though the liquid color is “green”! I’m a stickler for dyes and fake colors, so I’d like to see Green Works go “au natural”. (If we’re trying to go natural let’s do it!)

Big Thumbs Up! High marks on naturalness, biodegradability, and recycled packaging.
Thumbs On the Side For most likely synthetic colorants and not using 100% essential oils. There are so many wonderful herbs and essential oils with cleaning and disinfecting powers, why don’t we harness their goodness in our every day cleaning!

Thanks, Clorox for taking a giant step by manufacturing plant and mineral-based, eco-friendly, natural cleaning products!


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