Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Soap Bar Lavender Scented | Natural Cleaning Product Reviews

"Aromatherapeutic Household Cleaners"--what more could you ask for as you clean your home and bodywith natural cleaning products. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar, 8 ounce, Lavender Scented is just that--a bar of pure vegetable based, triple milled Castille soap (made from olive oil). It is rich in lather and aroma, and is a good, sturdy size to get your money's worth.

Developed by Clean and Company, LLC. from Minneapolis, MN, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar is designed as a natural cleaning product, to be used for the bath, shower, or at the sink. I particularly like to have a bar at my kitchen sink too. After doing a dirty, messy job it is so nice to wash-up with an aromatic, moisturizing soap bar like Mrs. Meyer's Soap.

Lavender, a fragrant herb from the mint family, is known for its soothing and relaxing qualities. It is also has antibiotic, antiseptic qualities that will assist the soap itself in the cleansing action, naturally!

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar retails from 4.75 to 6.99, so check around for the best price! (That is quite a price spread!) The below company website link has a handy store locator. I have also seen it for bulk order on Amazon for 4.58/each for a set of 12. (To me that would be worth it--stick some in your dresser drawers--you'll thank me!)

You can visit Mrs. Meyer's company website and shop by "fragrance" or by "cleaning task", which I thought was a great way to set up a customer-friendly site.

Natural-ness and Environment
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar is a natural cleaning product that is biodegradable and cruelty-free (meaning not tested on animals!) They make sure all their packaging is recyclable.

They state on their website: ""We use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible...When we cannot find a plant-derived ingredient that performs to our rigorous standards, we use ingredients from the world of safe synthetics. These are materials with a long history of safety and efficacy...we do our best every day to make our formulations as natural as possible without compromising freshness, and performance."

Reading between the lines--this means these soap bars and their other products have a high level of natural ingredients, but not 100%. They do not use 100% essential oils for their fragrances and they have added some other "non-natural ingredients to ensure safety, consistent performance and quality".

They do stress though on their site that their products DO NOT contain ammonia, chlorine or phosphates. They do seem to have a practical, balanced view on creating green products--that will be "sensible" to some consumers and not "pure" enough for others. You can check more details on their site and make you own decision in relation their level of natural-ness.

My Natural Cleaning Experience Using Their Lavender Soap Bar
It has a rich, lavender scent even after being in one of my clothing drawers for a several of months. The elegance of the aroma and the lather when washing is just what you would expect from a high-quality, triple milled, Castille soap.

Thumbs Up! For the aroma and cleaning power.
Thumbs On the Side! For the additional "synthetic" ingredients. (Not a Thumbs Down Though--But Room for Improvement*)

*Note: I have made my own cold-processed lavender soaps that lathered and relaxed me just as well with nothing synthetic in it. Let's make a good natural cleaning product, even better!

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