Friday, March 20, 2009

Scotch-Brite Greener Clean Natural Bamboo Cleaning Cloths | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Scotch-Brite, largest maker of cleaning sponges in United States, has done it again. Their green-breakout line, Greener Clean, includes Natural Bamboo Cleaning Cloths, a handy natural cleaning product to use all around the house. (see my previous post on Scotch-Brite and their new, natural & green scrubber sponge....)

Their 80% recycled-packaging box of two 11.4" square cloths states "The brand you know and trust now brings you a line of effective cleaning products that you can feel good about using." These soft cloths are made with natural materials: 60% rayon made from bamboo and 40% cotton, perfect for natural cleaning needs.

Bamboo Cleaning Cloth?
Bamboo is gaining in manufacturing usage worldwide. Bamboo is a wood-like grass that grows back after being harvested and matures within 5-7 years versus the average 50+ year cycle of typical hardwoods. According to the Associated Press, January 30, 2008: "bamboo's woody stalks can shoot up several feet a day, absorbing four times as much world-warming carbon dioxide." That is what I call renewable!

Once thought in the West primarily to make patio furniture, bamboo has now hit the big time and is "shooting up" in its reputation as an alternative to wood in almost every application, from cutting boards to building materials. Companies are also expanding creatively how to use bamboo in textiles and kitchenware.
There are still some environmental issues with pollution from the manufacturing process to turn bamboo into paper or fabric--but again, this is a big step in the right direction toward sustainable business practices.

6.43 for a box of two cloths, that's do-able.

My Natural Cleaning Experience Using
Scotch-Brite's Natural Bamboo Cleaning Cloths
I found these cleaning cloths to be very soft, much softer than the typical kitchen rag and even softer than many washcloths. They appear to have no dye in them (i.e. au natural?) which is nice. Also, they have a slight raised pattern that adds traction for cleaning, similar to most kitchen cloths. I found Scotch-Brite's Natural Bamboo Cleaning Cloths to be absorbent and easy to use--not too thick, not too thin, therefore, easy to hang dry. I think they are even soft enough for personal and baby care!

Big Thumbs Up! Natural Bamboo Cleaning Cloths from Scotch-Brite are a great natural cleaning product for any home. Try them out from Walmart, Target, Giant Eagle, and . Happy Natural Cleaning!

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