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Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer | Natural Cleaning Product Review

Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer, 92% Natural Ingredients, "with a blend of authentic desert botanicals and essential hydrators" as stated on their label, [will] "soften and quench". Jojoba oil, agave extract, and cactus extract are part of that blend of moisturizing ingredients.

Although, this lotion is not a cleaning product per se, I decided to evaluate it since it goes on our skin after washing and bathing.

Also, included in the ingredients are cocoa butter, soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, and shea butter--among other natural botanicals. This is a step in the right direction for Jergens, 92% natural is a great percentage, but I would like to see more.

Improvement for Health, Need to Go Further
According to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database, the Jergens Original Cherry-Almond Scented Lotion (that I used for my family unwittingly for years!) received a 7 out of 10 rating hazard score. EWG rates cosmetics based on scientific studies and in relation to various countries legal codes; their site is very well documented to back-up their ratings.

Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer is so new that it is not yet in their database at the time of this posting. I expect that it will get a lower rating, and that is good. But I would like to see a higher standard of regulation for health hazards in our cosmetics that we slather on ours and our children's bodies!

"Natural" is an unregulated label term, many toxic chemicals are "natural" i.e. they naturally form in our environment, that doesn't mean we should put them on our bodies! Jergens, owned by Kao Corporation of Japan, who acquired them in the 1980's and owns other main brands like Curél® and Bioré®, has made improvements to the Jergens brand, making it "cruelty-free and paraben-free, but they still have some ingredients that are health hazards ranging from skin irritants to more serious issues.

For instance, DMDM Hydrantoin, is toxic and according to Japan's own government standards for cosmetics is restricted for "use in some cosmetics and in some concentrations". It is true that DMDM Hydratoin is listed towards the bottom of their ingredients, meaning most likely it is a very small amount, but the concentration is unknown. I personally try to avoid "toxic" ingredients in any amount if it is within my power to do so.

Let's make the cosmetic label, "Natural", truly mean "natural and healthy" for you! Like their website tag line says "your skin isn't synthetic. So, why use a moisturizer that is?"

Price and Size
16.8 fluid ounces 6.30 - 7.99 retail depending on store.

My Experience with Using Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer, 92% Natural Ingredients was good. It does deeply moisturize and my hands and body stayed hydrated even an hour after application. I am very glad Jergens is using 92% natural ingredients that include quite a number of botanicals known for hydrating and moisturizing. I did a little experiment of my own....

My Home Experiment
I used Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer on one hand and simultaneously used straight Olive Oil on the other (don't ask me how I accomplished this feat!)

Here are my findings:

Jergens Naturals Hydrate--has a high oil composition, compared to their past Original formula, it does have a slight oil sheen, (which is fine with me for deep moisturizing) even an hour after application. It works well for moisturizing, but does have a very slight irritant aspect, probably from the form of alcohol in their ingredients.

Olive Oil--similar oil sheen, even after an hour, but moisturizes better; no skin irritant aspect; Olive Oil doesn't have as nice an aroma as the Jergens Naturals Hydrate.

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down!?
You can use Jergens Naturals Hydrate Daily Moisturizer, it does work well. It does have a high level of natural, healthy ingredients--but I think there are other healthier brands out there. The price, I think is a little high for what you are getting.

Homemaking Tip
Try making your own lotions and keeping in the refrigerator and shake up when you need to use them. Yes, a little cold, but healthy! No need for preservatives or other toxic chemicals that cause health issues.

Use a combination of oils and glycerin and essential oils for fragrance, you can find the glycerin at health food stores and some craft stores. It is easy and fun and works very similar if not better to expensive lotions. See the Cranberry Lane website for more info. (I'm not affiliated with them i.e. not on the payroll. Just like their company!)

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